Saturday, March 19, 2011

Camelbak Trials and Tribulations

So I ran another 10 miles today!
I'm beginning to really love these long runs. It's great for meditation and alone time. 

But since the weather is starting to get a lot warmer here in Georgia, I took my never-been-used before camelbak backpack with me. 
It wasn't heavy since the weight was evenly distributed across my back, and I eventually tuned out the constant swishing of water. 
Unfortunately at the tail end of my run I took out the tube to take a drink of water and realized the tip was sealed!

At least I didn't need the water that badly. I fixed it as soon as I got home, so next time I'll actually be able to use it. 

Although, I'm not really sure whether wearing a camelbak is bad for your posture or can lead to injury. 
Anybody know?

Run long, friends.


  1. No idea as to the effects on posture. I've thought about getting a Camelback or similar myself for those long trail runs. It's good to know that the tube comes sealed. I'll remember that.

  2. I've heard the weight on your back is bad because it does change your posture but I've seen lots of trail runners wearing hydration backpacks.

  3. I just figure that the backpack has got to be a safer bet than carrying a water bottle because I can feel the water bottle affecting the way I run.