Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sometimes Life Just Works

Life is looking up friends!
Guess who has a date tomorrow?
This kid, that's who.
I'm super excited (he's really cute!).

On the running front, things are always going well.
The temperature drop makes it a lot easier to run and run hard!
We had hill workouts today so my thighs are a little shot, but it felt good to run out some stress.
Our "Last Chance Invitational" is this Saturday. Hopefully with the weather I can pull out some better times.

I hope everyone else is having a lovely week!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Disney in Review

Sorry I haven't been posting lately!
I've been super busy with school and work stuff. 
But here's some info on my Disney weeked!

It was such a fun trip!
I really enjoyed spending 4 days with my running friends in Florida. 
We drove down on Thursday and went to Disney's Wide World of Sports on Friday. 
I ran the course in 27:41, which isn't great, but I was just happy to finish. 
That night we went to America's largest McDonalds. 
They even served ice cream!

We went to Universal the next day (more importantly, HARRY POTTER WORLD!)
I spent the day with my friends Justin, Wesley, and Fernanda. 
I got to try Butter Beer and bought a wand! 
Unfortunately it rained the whole day so we were soaked when we made it back to the hotel. 
But we didn't let that drag our moods down. We ordered pizza, played cards and hung out in the lobby. 

The ride back was rather long and tedious, but the trip was worth it. 
 I really needed the break, and my friends took my mind off of all the recent drama!