Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baby We Were Born to Run

Which is exactly what I'm not doing today.
I hate rest days.
And it always seems like my rest days fall on the ONE day that the weather is perfect.
But I'm currently sunburned and my right cheek (and no, I don't mean the one on my face) is sore for some reason.
So I suppose that a rest day is good.

But it's so hard to just sit around!
Plus I have my Econ class again today, which I don't exactly find enthralling either.

But I'm supposed to go rock wall climbing this afternoon with some friends.
So let's just hope my butt doesn't fail me!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Run For the Hills

So I was reading CAUTION: Redhead Running when I came across a post of hers about something near and dear to my heart:
Boob loss.
Apparently I'm not the only female runner that has experienced the devastating loss of a cup size due to my favorite pastime. And like Morgan, I continue to have what one can only classify as a 'ghetto booty', while my boobs seemed to have run for the hills. They're refusing to return.

But I'm leaving the porch light on.
You know, just in case.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Speed Days

I hate them.
Loathe them.
Want to assassinate them.

But I did intervals today.
Trying to stay positive, I'll just say I'm happy it's over.

But I made a 94 on my Econ test (which I was positive that I failed...).
But High School spring break continues rather uneventfully.
I watched Easy A last night and had Chinese food.
Woooo. Wild times, my friends.

Emma Stone is great in this movie! A really smart teenage comedy.

Run long.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Never Promised You A Rose Garden.

I did, however, promise a vegetable garden!
I planted all my seeds today. I'm excited to see their progress.
Unfortunately, I got a little too much sun today, so my face matches my hair.

But yesterday was pretty great as well.
I did another 10 mile long run, and even though my knees were wobbly at the end, I felt great.
I'm hoping I can extend it by another mile soon.
My knees felt like the poor guy on the right.

I definitely love long runs.
Speed is my enemy, but endurance is my best friend.
What about you?