Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sometimes Things Do Work Out

My friend Amelia is officially the patron saint of running.
When no one else would, she stepped up and volunteered to run with me in the mornings!
She loves run just as much as I do, so she's not acting like I'm putting her out or anything.
The only issue will be keeping up with her! (She's very fast).

But I'm just happy I found a morning partner!
I ran again this afternoon, and it wasn't pretty.

Anyways, prom is coming up with Saturday, so we're busy at work finalizing plans and what not.
I hope to have plenty of pictures to share!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hit and Run

I am SO FRUSTRATED right now. (Hence the violent title).
As any southerner would know, the heat is truly starting to kick in about now.
Which means that running in the afternoons is next to impossible.
I did it today, and not only was I incredibly slow, but I was dizzy and nauseous the whole time.
Damn heat.

So I figured, 'hey, I can beat this!' I'll just run in the mornings before school.
But mom shut me down.
She insists that I have to have a running partner to run in the morning or I can't do it.
Just one problem:

I know that my mom's just trying to look out for me, but I hate how difficult fitting my running in is made by OTHER PEOPLE.
Anyone else have similar problems?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cheetah Girls

So prom is fast approaching.
And, of course, I've managed to make a couple of stumbles on my way there.
For one, I've changed prom dresses so many times I've lost count.
The one that I finally settled on has a low back.
I have a horrible sports bra line.

So my mom and I bought spray tan stuff and tested it out a couple of days ago.
My mom's vision isn't what it used to be (she's blind as a bat, even with her glasses).
So my stomach was sprayed...unevenly.
I look like I have cheetah prints.
But at least I look fierce.

On the bright side, I knocked out another long run today.
But I need to keep an eye on my shins, because they've been hurting lately.
Shin splints are the the last thing I need!