Saturday, March 19, 2011

Camelbak Trials and Tribulations

So I ran another 10 miles today!
I'm beginning to really love these long runs. It's great for meditation and alone time. 

But since the weather is starting to get a lot warmer here in Georgia, I took my never-been-used before camelbak backpack with me. 
It wasn't heavy since the weight was evenly distributed across my back, and I eventually tuned out the constant swishing of water. 
Unfortunately at the tail end of my run I took out the tube to take a drink of water and realized the tip was sealed!

At least I didn't need the water that badly. I fixed it as soon as I got home, so next time I'll actually be able to use it. 

Although, I'm not really sure whether wearing a camelbak is bad for your posture or can lead to injury. 
Anybody know?

Run long, friends.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Back Pains

So I ran 10 miles yesterday!
It's the longest distance I've ever run all at once.
Needless to say that I entered my neighborhood in a very good mood. 

This was soon killed by a very irritated mother.
The moment I entered the house she informed me that there was a lot of yard work to do.
So without any stretching or bananas I went outside and started working.
Woe is me. 

Luckily, moods improved and we actually got a good bit of work done. 
I spent the rest of the evening huddled on my floor in a sweaty, sunburnt, sleepy haze. 
Oh yea, and I watched Ponyo.
So instead of waking up this morning feeling like P. Diddy, I woke up feeling like an 80 year old main with severe back pain.

But I'm ok with that, because guess who has a date for prom?
This kid does. 

Run long, friends.