Thursday, May 19, 2011

God Bless Brooks

So my new pair of shoes came in yesterday and I got to try them out today!
I upgraded from Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10's to Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11's.
(Hey, I know what works for me, and my old shoes were basically dead.)

They ran like a dream! My shins didn't hurt at all.
And I was fortunate enough to run with a good friend of mine, Sam.
5 miles flew by.
And after talking to coach, I'm thrilled to say that Sam with be my fellow captain (captain of the boys).

Sam is the guy in the green shirt. Kid cracks me up.

Cross Country season is so close!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So yesterday's run was essentially a lesson in patience and perseverance. All 5 miles went at a snail's pace, and while my shins didn't really hurt, my muscles felt like they were stuck in mud. I went home, sulked for a while, and then went to Zumba to cheer myself up. I came home sore, but a lot happier. 

When I woke up this morning I was debating whether or not to run. My muscles were still kind of sore from last night, and my ego still stung from yesterday morning. But tried to put my check my bad outlook at the door and headed out anyways. 

I guess life was rewarding me for my hard efforts yesterday, because while my muscles were a little tired, I really enjoyed my run today! It was still much slower than I wanted it to be, but my body felt good. 

I'm not sure what's causing me to struggle this week, but I'm just glad that I can still enjoy logging the miles. No matter how slow they are. (But hopefully I'll be back to my old self soon enough.)

Of course, I've got to brag on another blogger, Morgan. She has a stress fracture and has been enduring it with a phenomenal attitude. While she's struggling to wait the injury out, she's handling it better than I would. Stay strong, girl! I could learn a couple things from her on the art of a good attitude.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Janeen's Run 5k


So this was just about the sweetest race I've ever attended. 
I made a friend
The guy hosting it was on the Ga Tech track team some odd years back and so was his wife, Janeen. 
I'm very sorry to say, however, that his wife died last year in a car accident. 

But he decided to honor her memory by hosting a race to raise funds for an athletic scholarship. 
It was even more touching because all the men and women that ran with her on the team showed up to run it.
So I was honored to be a part of it. 

Now, it was, however a killer race. I never knew that Atlanta could be so... hilly. I put out an ok time of 26:40. I was hoping to PR, but once I realized the type of course I was dealing with, I pretty much kissed that dream goodbye. But I enjoyed myself nonetheless. 

Unfortunately my shins took quite a beating and I've been nursing them since then. I've been doing a lot of yoga and icing them. I refuse to get shin splints right before summer starts. 

Anyways, I hope everyone else had an awesome weekend! I should be wrapping up finals tomorrow and then my summer OFFICIALLY begins.