Saturday, March 12, 2011

More Than a Feeling

Que the cheesy Boston music. 
I'm about to step outside to go on a long run. 
How long will it be?
I don't know kids, I don't know. 

I've been stressing out about my mileage lately because I'm wanting to push past 10k distance and into half marathon distance. I'm aspiring to run one or two over the summer. 
And while taking mileage into consideration is crucial, I think I may be worrying too much.
So today I'm trying not to plan out an exact distance, I'm going to run long and enjoy myself. 
Why? Because that's why I'm a runner. 

Races are fun, and so is setting a new PR. But you can't do those two things everyday. 
It takes more than a competitive streak to love running. 
You have to love the feeling of your feet hitting the ground.
Love the rhythm of your stride. 
Love that moment of silent serenity that only a long, musicless run can provide. 

So I'm heading out the door without much expectation.
I'm heading out as a runner who just wants to have fun.

Run long, my friends. 

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