Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cheetah Girls

So prom is fast approaching.
And, of course, I've managed to make a couple of stumbles on my way there.
For one, I've changed prom dresses so many times I've lost count.
The one that I finally settled on has a low back.
I have a horrible sports bra line.

So my mom and I bought spray tan stuff and tested it out a couple of days ago.
My mom's vision isn't what it used to be (she's blind as a bat, even with her glasses).
So my stomach was sprayed...unevenly.
I look like I have cheetah prints.
But at least I look fierce.

On the bright side, I knocked out another long run today.
But I need to keep an eye on my shins, because they've been hurting lately.
Shin splints are the the last thing I need!