Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Run For the Hills

So I was reading CAUTION: Redhead Running when I came across a post of hers about something near and dear to my heart:
Boob loss.
Apparently I'm not the only female runner that has experienced the devastating loss of a cup size due to my favorite pastime. And like Morgan, I continue to have what one can only classify as a 'ghetto booty', while my boobs seemed to have run for the hills. They're refusing to return.

But I'm leaving the porch light on.
You know, just in case.

1 comment:

  1. 1. I just added you to my "Redhead's Unite" list. Love me some fellow redheaded runner/bloggers. :)

    2. I never got to post about my most recent boobloss because I ended up getting injured but let's just say that take what I lost in both my other training cycles and minus the rest. None of my sports bra's were fitting me before I got injured. Not a one. All too big. When I lifted up my arms, what was there flattened out into nothing and disappeared. :( Oh running, why can't you make our asses disappear as well as you make our boobs?!?!?!

    Glad you enjoyed the post, I actually wrote up a few about it, check the "Flashback Worthy Posts" tab and scroll down to the "I talk about Boobs" section. :) LOL!

    Looking forward to following your adventures chica!