Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Peachtree Report

So my morning started off at 4 this morning!
I woke up, forced down some Chai tea, grabbed my running bag and drove over to Amelia's house.
A couple of thoughts ran through my head on the way there:
-"Thank God for 90's Weekend on Star 94" (it was playing on the radio).
-"Wow...NOTHING is open at 4 in the morning."
-"Kudos to you, Mr. Paper Delivery Man" (my paper was ALREADY on my driveway when I pulled out).
-"Driving this early in the morning makes me feel like the only survivor of a zombie apocalypse" (am I alone on this one?)

So once I got to Amelia's, we loaded into her mom's car and took off.
I'll spare you the uber boring details, but we got lost on the way there.
We ended up killing about 45 crucial minutes before arriving at our parking place in a panic.

We loaded onto the Marta and rode to the start, which killed about another 30 minutes.
By the time we got off, Amelia and I had about 10 minutes before our wave started.
And we had to pee.
So we rushed to the porta potties, did our business, and rushed toward the wave start.
Unfortunately the wave start was surrounded by fences and by the time we found our way in, our wave had started.

But the Peachtree volunteers are straight up ballers and let us go with the next wave. No big deal.

So we started the race and BOY there were a lot of people!
I ended up leaving Amelia behind a couple of minutes in.

The first couple of miles flew by, but I made sure to stop at all the water stations because I don't handle the heat very well. The frequent stops slowed my pace and Amelia caught back up with me.

We also ran into my cousin along the way, which was a pleasant surprise, but he told us to go on without him, so we pushed forward. The last couple of miles were a struggle, but all in all it was a pleasant 6.2.

The race ended at Piedmont Park, where we got water, our t-shirts, and some food.
But now I'm glad to be home.
I plan to get a nap in and then (if they're not rained out) go see the fireworks.
Happy 4th everyone!

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