Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Funk is Invading

My mood.
My shoes (smell like death).
My hamper, and therefore my room.

Oh cross country season. You make my room smell so...bad. And NOTHING is working out that smell.

The season has NOTHING to do, however, with my funk.
I'm not really sure what is.
Probably just a combo of busy weeks, stress, and feeling a little sick lately.
Hopefully this all will pass without actually coming down with something.

Coach cancelled our Tuesday practice due to heat, so we had speed day on the xc course today.
It was painful, but I stuck with the top group of girls and finished within my projected time for all 5 repeats.
Twas a blessed practice.

Anywhos, this cloudy mood of mine better clear up before the weekend!
My birthday is a-comin' up this Sunday, and I'd like to start off the big 18 in a cheery mood.
I hope everyone else is faring well as Summer winds down!
Who else is ready for that fall weather?


  1. ::raises hand::

    Happy a happy birthday, girl! You are going to be all legal and legit!

  2. Happy birthday! have a great weekend!