Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sometimes Life Just Works

Life is looking up friends!
Guess who has a date tomorrow?
This kid, that's who.
I'm super excited (he's really cute!).

On the running front, things are always going well.
The temperature drop makes it a lot easier to run and run hard!
We had hill workouts today so my thighs are a little shot, but it felt good to run out some stress.
Our "Last Chance Invitational" is this Saturday. Hopefully with the weather I can pull out some better times.

I hope everyone else is having a lovely week!


  1. Having a great week. Good luck on your date, and more importantly the "last chance invitational." I've been married about 23 years, so dating is kinda out of my league. I hope it's exciting and not trying (the date that is). Running on the other hand . . . I can relate! : )

  2. How did your date go? And how was the 'Last Chance Invitational'?