Monday, November 21, 2011

Muggy Monday

So I got in an easy 4 miler today, but MAN it was a sweaty one.
The temps were in the low 70s (in November?! not ok) and it was humid as mess out there.
But my legs surprised me.
I started out kinda sore, but they loosened up in the end.

I'm planning on getting in one more easy run tomorrow.
Then I'm all rest and carbs until Thursday.

Today has been extremely uneventful because while the college is officially on break, the high school is not.
They get out tomorrow.
So until then I'm just lazing around watching How I Met Your Mother and trying not to O.D. on cornbread.

I hope everyone else is having a great Monday!


  1. Love when a run starts off kind of rough and then your body loosens up like that.

  2. Hey, girl. It's been awhile since you updated - how are you doing?