Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Weekend

So this weekend has been fairly laid back. Got some housework and homework done. Had to go to a funeral (always sad) but went by the library afterwards and checked out two books.

I got The Jungle by Upton Sinclair because we read an excerpt from it a few weeks ago in U.S. History and I also checked out The Hobbit by Tolkein because I've never read the Lord of the Ring series and I've been told multiple times that I'll love it.

Anyways, It's been a pretty busy and enjoyable week of running!

A busy day at school, but my run really helped me unwind. Of course, I faceplanted at the tail end of it, but things just happen sometimes.
Miles: 4

The only thing I remember is having to recite my faceplant story over and over agian.
Miles: 3

Nothing sticks out, so I'll classify it as a good day.
Miles: 4

Cross country banquet! Coach personally honored everyone on the team, so the banquet lasted two and a half hours, but the food was amazing!
Miles: 2

Barely made it through the school day. I'm so ready for Thanksgiving break! My run was great, though. Afterwards I ate dinner and basically crashed.
Miles: 5

The funeral was sad, but the family was really strong. They really adressed this tragedy in the best way possible. Got my books from the library and then spent the rest of the evening reading The Jungle. Currently 160 pages in.
Miles: 5

Slept in and watched Sunday Morning. After a nice breakfast I went out and ran. I tidied up around the house and hve been reading ever since. Flipped through Glamour, tackled more of The Jungle. Every now and then I turn the tv on and watch parts of Law & Order.
Miles: 4

Unfortunately I can't run tomorrow because I'm volunteering at an Academic Bowl meet, but hopefully I can get some solid runs in next week. That Thanksgiving Race is coming up soon!

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