Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Energy Crashes

So I still haven't heard back from my doctor. They vampired me two days ago, and sent the blood off to get tested for...I'm not really sure. Stuff?

I reeeeaally hope they call me soon! I'm trying to stay positive, but this week has been hard. It seems like my symptoms are just getting worse. My hunger no longer compares in intensity to the headaches and energy crashes I've been experiencing. Yesterday I took TWO naps (taking one is usually unheard of for me) and I still woke up exhausted.

Needless to say my runs have been...lackluster to say the least.

I'm sorry to prattle on about all of this. I promise I'll stop complaining about it. Next time I give an update, it should be on the doctor's results. I hope everyone else is having a great week?

Any cool this planned for the upcoming weekend?


  1. Urgh. I hope you get your results soon - I'd be frustrated, too.

    Running Saturday morning. Hydrobiking after that. Maybe yoga.

    Long ride on Sunday.

  2. Prattle away girl! That's what the blog is for. Sending you healing thoughts. Hope you get results and feel better soon.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you get your test results back soon, definitely sounds like SOMETHING is going on. I thought I had an iron deficiency, and turns out I had a vitamin d deficiency. Random. Hope it all turns out well and you'll be back to normal asap!