Friday, July 22, 2011

Fave Fridays

Wahoo for Fridays!
I pumped out a speed day via treadmill yesterday, and today I'm taking it easy.
We're heading into Atlanta to pick up my sister from orientation, and then we're meeting up with the birth mom and going to an art showing.

So anyways, here are 3 things I've been into lately.

1. Sudoku: I love doing sudoku while I watch tv or listen to music. It's not too much of a brain buster, but it makes me feel productive.

2. Harry Potter: This has been a constant love since elementary school. You know how many times I've dreamed of being a Weasley? I'm re-reading the series for like the tenth time now. Needless to say I'm looking forward to Pottermore.

3. South Park: This is such a guilty pleasure! I'm not always a big fan of South Park, but every now and then I'll watch a couple episodes and catch myself giggling. Jonas Brother and evil Mickey Mouse episode? Favorite episode of all time.

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