Monday, July 18, 2011


My high school starts back in two weeks.
Holy cheezits, I didn't even realize.
Needless to say I'll wait until the day before to go get my supplies.

I'm only taking one class at my high school this year (senior year).
I'm dual enrolled at my local college, so I'll be taking the rest of my classes there.
My biggest concern is getting to cross country practices on time. (Fingers crossed with on campus parking!)

My runs have been a bit of a struggle lately, but I've been getting them in.
My mileage has severely decreased, but coach is making sure to make those miles count.
I busted out a 7:18 mile last Thursday, which is the fastest mile I've put out before.
I took it as 'runner Jessie' showing 'fat Jessie' who's boss.

Anywhos, there's not much more to report here.
I've been sleeping in a lot (I need a job!) and trying not to eat my own weight in snacks out of boredom.
Is it said that I'm actually ready for school to be back?

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  1. Wow Jessie! I didn't know you were in high school. What a great achiever you are. I admire that you are dual enrolled. I didn't much like high school, but I LOVED college. Best of luck to you this coming school year. (I teach an alternative program for high school students, but I don't go back to work until October : (

    ps. don't rush the job unless you have to (keep to your studies, you have years and years and years ahead of you for jobs).