Monday, August 15, 2011

A Day So Nice You Have to Post Twice

Or the fact that my other post today was such a downer I felt like sharing happier news.
Today has been a pretty good day!
I rolled pennies with my grandpa, which may sound boring to most people.
But I love spending one on one time with papa. He makes me laugh.
Then I was off to cross country practice where coach had the top group of girls running 5 miles today.

At first I was SUPER nervous. Compared to the other top girls, I'm at a disadvantage.
I'll just keep it simple by saying they're 'built' much better for running than I am.
But I kicked some butt today!
I was the 2nd girl to finish!!!!

So how do you wrap up such a great run?
You get your running buds to go to Waffle House with you, of course.
So we went there and did a splendid job of undoing all the hard exercising we'd just done.

So while my post this morning was a bit of a bummer, my day certainly picked up.
Happy Monday, everybody!

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