Friday, September 30, 2011

Fave Friday: Coldplay Edition

So in honor of my favorite band, I decided to dedicate my fave Friday completely to Coldplay!
So here are some of my favorite songs:

1. A lesser known song: Only Superstition

I love this song! It's probably my favorite Coldplay song to run to. It's got a catchy guitar.

2. An older song: Amsterdam

This is from their Rush of Blood to the Head album. I love how mellow and romantic it sounds. Swoon!

3. A newer song: Paradise

I am LOVING this song right now. I don't even thing I describe it properly. It's just amazing. Check it out for yourself! I'm so pumped for the new album!!

Anyways, all goes well on the running front right now. We don't have a meet tomorrow, so I plan on getting a longer run in tomorrow morning. We had hill work yesterday and I am SORE, so I plan on taking it easy today. I might just go for a walk.

There's a small music festival going on one town over this weekend, so my sister, boyfriend, and I plan on hitting that up. I hope everyone else has exciting weekend plans!


  1. I went to a concert of their's back in 2006 and it was amazing, my favorite part was when yellow balls started raining down on the crowd!

    Enjoy your weekend!!!

  2. I <3 Coldplay! have a fun weekend!