Friday, September 9, 2011

Fave Fridays (and "Thirsty Thursday")

I'll start with 3 favorite things and then explain "Thirsty Thursday".

Lizard Thicket: I know this sounds strange, but it's the name of a clothing store in Newnan. I usually loathe clothes shopping, but they had SO many great things! We went there over the weekend for my birthday and I left with a shirt, skirt, and dress. WIN!

The Cure: I have been on such a kick lately! They're one of very few 80s bands that I can handle. I find myself singing 'Just Like Heaven' a lot on my runs.

Powerade Zero: It has nothing to do with the 'zero calorie' part for me. I LOVE the flavors. Regular Gatorade and Powerade taste too thick and sugary to me. With coach ramping up the top girls mileage, I've been chugging these things down whenever I get home.

Thirsty Thursday: A slang term for Thursday nights at the college (aka 'let's all get wasted' night). Before you all jump to conclusions, I did NOT drink any alcohol or go to any parties. I'm too much of a goody goody.

However, coach had the top girls running the 'College run' where we run to the college, loop through it, and head back to the high school. I feel that I should also mention that 98% of my run yesterday felt pretty good! All the girls were sticking together and we were keeping a pretty solid 8 minute pace. Pretty good for a run right after speed day.

But just when we were about to leave the college campus, I got sick out of nowhere. Seriously. One second I was fine, the next second I was throwing up. Luckily, the girls didn't notice me drop back and kept running. I would have been (more) embarrassed had they stopped for me. Luckily only a handful of college students witnessed my homage to Thirsty Thursday.

As embarrassing as it was, I felt fine right after and was able to complete the run! I'm just hoping it doesn't happen again this Saturday.

Good luck to everyone and their running endeavors this weekend!

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  1. Yeay for all those great things!

    I'm sorry that your stomach got all upset out of nowhere. I hope that doesn't happen again. ::hugs::