Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Or I should probably say hand plant. But then that sounds like I did some impressive gymnastics move, which I did not.

I was at the tail end up of my run, about to re-enter my neighborhood. I'd just crossed a small road, and was basically running in the gutter (between the actual road and grass beside it). I saw a car coming and decided I should jump over the small fence (not really even a fence, just a couple of half foot posts with chains strung in between them).

That was a horrible mistake.

My foot got caught and I fell. Hard. Luckily my hand broke my fall, but a rock took out some vengeance on my palm.

I promptly picked myself back up and ran into my neighborhood. The driver pretended not to notice, and I was extremely thankful for that. Needless to say, my pride was hurt more than my hand.

I'll try to get a picture of it up here soon!

Anyways. Yesterday wasn't a total bust. I had pumpkin bread for breakfast and a sweet potato and veggie burger for dinner. =).

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