Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Week in Review

The whole day is kind of a blur. Everyone was talking about their Halloween weekends. I really didn't have much to say other than I avoided eating my way into a sugar coma. I also helped set up for the State Meet. My once grey running shoes are now blue.
Run: 3 miles.

I did a lot of writing on Tuesday. I did a short summary essay, a two page Argument Essay, and a 5 page interview based essay. I also ate some amazing Minestrone. I once again helped set up for the State Meet; my legs matched my shoes.
Run: 4 miles.

I just remember that it was an impossibly cold rainy day, and that we didn't have to set up the cross country course after school because of it.
Run: 3 miles.

Conquered a Pre-Calc test and managed to drag myself through AP Language. Ate a taco salad. (I like food a lot...).
Run: 4 miles.

Watched an interesting documentary in my History class and basically did nothing in Pre-calc. I didn't go to 4th block because there was a dodgeball game. Instead I went home and revised the argument essay I'd written on Tuesday. I also went running later and it started raining. I was wearing a white shirt. Not smart.
Run: 3 miles.

Worked at the State Meet all day, trying not to get pummeled by overzealous runners and coaches. I promptly went home, drank hot chocolate, and lounged in front of the fire place. Unfortunately, it got too dark before I had a chance to run.

Visited a family in the hospital. The father has cancer and he might not make it much longer. The family seems to be taking it as well as they can, but it still broke my heart.
Run: 4 miles.

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