Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Invisible 5k

So I woke up late this morning. I vaulted myself straight out of bed and right into panic mode. I hastily forced some breakfast down, got dressed, and sped (sorry, mom) to the rec department where the race was supposed to be. But then things got weird. No one was there.

So there I am, standing like a goober when I see what looks like a registration tent across the lawn. So I sprint over and slam my money down on the table. The guy examines my attire and then asks, puzzled, "Are you here for the softball tournament?" WHAT?! 

So I sprint back to the rec building (leaving a group of very confused softball parents in my dust). I then (very politely) proceed to bang on the window to the locked building. The lobby man (I don't know what they're called) ambles on over and opens the door about an inch (because apparently crazy needs a door fully opened before it attacks).

I ask him out of breath, "Where is the race being held?"

I receive a blank stare followed by "What race?"

We look into each other's eyes for one long awkward moment before I apologize for the inconvenience and walk back to the parking lot.

Once I get to my car I just stand there for a moment, bewildered (Is this all just a bad dream?). I was just about to get into my car and cry when I saw a runner a couple of cars down lacing up his shoes. I amble over as calmly as possible (because I've already scared enough people today) and ask if he heard about a race being held today.

"Oh yea," he says. "I just called the coordinator. They cancelled it."

I wanted to ask several things (Couldn't they have updated their website which I checked last night? How do you have the inside scoop and I don't? WHY DID THEY CANCEL IT?!), but I was too tired to listen to any of the answers so I just thanked him, got into my car, and (angrily) drove home.

Lesson learned? I have no idea. Make sure your alarm works?


  1. I am so sorry, girl, that sucks!

  2. What a drag! Makes for an interesting story. Even so, if they couldn't have updated their website, they should have at least put up big blaring signs for the late comers. : (

  3. Too much stress for me ... I'd become a heavy drinker if I was you.