Friday, June 3, 2011

Movie Week

So I've been watching a bunch of movies this week!
I watched Accepted (for about the hundredth time), Without a Paddle (once again, for like the hundredth time), Easy A (don't even get me started), and I'm watching Star Wars for the first time tonight.

Me and St. Amelia at graduation.
I know, it's insanity that I haven't seen the Star Wars trilogy before, but I haven't. I live in an all female household and it just never really happened. My sister's boyfriend discovered this and nearly stroked out. So now he currently have his VHS copies in our possession. I should be watching the first one tonight. As long as Harrison Ford is in it, I'm game! =).

My bestie Daniel!
But my running has been really fun this week! I've done two-a-days twice this week. On Tuesday I ran the morning and then did a night run with St. Amelia, and yesterday I ran in the morning and then met up with my friends Daniel and Victoria at 8. I was afraid that my legs wouldn't be able to take it, but the paces both times were comfortable and I had a lot of fun catching up with friends!

And for the most exciting news: I'm running a 5k tomorrow!!! (Cue roaring applause). I'm hoping that taking today off will restore my legs (they've been a bit store) and that I'll really bust it out tomorrow. I hope everyone else has a great weekend planned.

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